9-36V to 24V/30W DC to DC Converter + PoE Injector LEDs - Desktop [EZ-DC3024]

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The new EZ-DC3024 DC to DC Converter and PoE Injector with LEDs is made from TPEE material in an aesthetic package and is available with two RJ45 ports to act as “Data-In” and “PoE+Data out”.

The new EZ-DP3024 indoor PoE Injector allows you to use your space efficiently when installing your wireless equipment through the smart wall mount case.

The two PoE LED/ Red and ETH LED/Green allows fast and easy control of your equipment.

The dual DC input allows you to connect two power sources for redundancy like DC power supplies and 12/24 Volt battery systems, for primary and backup power sources.

9-36V to 24V/1.25 DC to DC Converter + PoE Injector LEDs - Desktop
Input: 9-36V DC
Output: 24V DC / 1250mA
PoE LED : RED - When the PoE Injector is powered on.
ETH LED : GREEN - When Access Point is plugged in.

* Fast and easy wall mount case.
* All-In-One Power Supply and POE Injector with LED's Included.
* Suitable for 12/24 Volt battery systems.

DC Input Voltage 9-36V
Input Connector Screw Type Compression Wire Terminal
Output Connector RJ45 (Shielded)
DC Inputs Dual Input for connecting 2 power sources
PoE Injector Type Integrated PoE Injector
Efficiency 80%
DC Output Voltage 24V
DC Output Current 1.25A
Output Power (Max) 30 W
Self Consuption Power 1 W
Line Regulation +/- 1%
Load Regulation +/- 1%
Ripple 1 %
Noise 1 %
Protection OCP OVP SCP OPP
DC Connector Dimensions 22,9x18,2 mm
LED Functions Red/PoE Activity, Green/ETH Activity
Mount Type Floor / Desktop / Wall Mount
Certifications CE / UL / GS / RoHS / EMC
Operating Temperature -20ºC~60ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC~+85ºC
Operating Humidity (RH) % - 90%
Dimensions 90,3x70x33mm
Weight 143 gr
Origin China
Package Contents:
1x EZ-DC3024 DC to DC Converter in carton box

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