About Us

e-zy.net designs and manufactures both short and long range high speed wireless communications products.

The company's indoor and outdoor WLAN products are standards based to insure interoperability. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, e-zy.net also has offices and warehouse facilities in Europe, the USA and representatives worldwide.

e-zy.net's primary commitment is to provide simple, fast wireless solutions along with affordable prices in an easy step by step selection process.

This committment carries over into our distinct business practices and customer service which strives to solve immediate concerns of our customers.

e-zy.net serves not only WISP companies but also individual buyers. We are committed to serve each and every customer according to their wireless
professional needs.

e-zy.net was founded in 1998 when the wireless community started to expand and demand more efficient, reliable, low cost equipment that could be found in a simple and easy to choose web site.

The dedication shown from the very beginning to our customers has helped e-zy.net to become what it is today: one of the leading manufacturers of fixed and mobile wireless broadband antennas and accessories.