Warranty and RMA

Warranty and RMA Information :

All e-zy.net products are supplied with a limited 12 month warranty which covers material and workmanship defects. This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Parts requiring replacement due to improper installation, misuse, poor site conditions, faulty power, etc.
  • Lightning damage.
  • Physical damage to the external & internal parts.
  • Products that have been opened, altered, or defaced.
  • Water damage for units that were not sealed or mounted according to user manual.
  • Units that were not properly grounded.
  • Usage other than in accordance with instructions and the normal intended use.

View E-ZY.NET's warranty policy (PDF)

Do not return any products until you receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

Products received without a valid RMA number will be rejected and returned to sender.

Warranty Repairs :

All returns must have a valid RMA number written clearly on the outside of the box. Without an RMA number the shipment will be refused. For customers located in United States and Canada, customer pays all shipping charges incurred to ship the product to E-ZY.NET.  E-ZY.NET pays shipping charges to return the product to the original purchaser. For all other countries, the original purchaser shall pay all shipping, broker fees, duties and taxes incurred in shipping products to and from E-ZY.NET.  Provided the goods have not been modified or repair attempted by someone other than E-ZY.NET, at the option of E-ZY.NET, products may be returned either as repaired or replaced. If it is determined that there is no fault found (NFF) on a unit within warranty, the customer will be charged $75 USD for testing time. For products out of warranty, the standard NFF charge is $200. This charge will be at the discretion of E-ZY.NET. The RMA number is valid for 14 days from date of issue. The product must be received by the repair depot within these 14-days or the shipment may be refused.

Refurbishing Fees :

Any product returned that requires refurbishing, is damaged due to inadequate or improper packaging protection, or that has not been returned without original packing materials will be subject to a refurbishing fee.

Out-of-Warranty :

Out-of-warranty repairs will be performed for a minimum charge of $200 USD test and repair fee. Additional charges may be imposed for extensive repairs. All shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer. The repaired unit will have a 90-day warranty from date of return.

E-ZY.NET Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process :

1. Contact our Technical Support Dept. via email. Provide product information and detailed description of problem. The following information is required:

  • Company/Contact Info
  • Part #
  • Serial #
  • Date of Purchase
  • Detailed Description of Problem
  • Constant or intermittent problem?
  • Was the product working before and then stopped working? If so, what changed?

2. We will review and document the problem. If an RMA is necessary, we will email an "RMA Pre-Authorization" form to the you which contains all pertinent information about the product, warranty coverage, and the description of the problem.

3. Please review the pre-authorization form for accuracy, sign, and provide payment (credit card) details. Payment details are required for warranty RMAs as well as non-warranty RMAs. Customer faxes signed form back to E-ZY.NET.

4. We will email your RMA number and shipping instructions.

5. Returned products must be shipped in original packaging with the RMA # clearly written on the outside of the box. Only send the item which is suspected to be defective. For example, if the radio is bad, do not ship mounting hardware, jboxes, power supplies, etc.

6. Unit will be tested and repaired to conform with current standard factory criteria. All tested radios will be loaded with the most current version of firmware.

7. You will be contacted if repair charges are required for units within the warranty period, or for non-warranty units requiring extensive repairs.

Shipping and Damage Claims

All shipping damage claims are the purchaser's responsibility. Inspect each shipment upon delivery and IMMEDIATELY report all damage, to the carrier. There may be time limits and inspections may be required.