5.1-5.9GHz EZ-Go-Panel5 19dBi Panel-Enclosure antenna [EZGO-0519-PNL]

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The EZ-Go-Panel5 panel antenna offered by e-zy.net is a 5.1GHz-5.9GHz 19dBi gain Verticaly polarized antenna thatt is developed to allow integration of the customers’ radio equipment inside the weatherproof compartment.

The EZ-Go-Panel5 is a cost efficient weatherproof enclosure with integrated high efficiency antenna and accommodations for customer mounting of electronics. The housing is UV resistant and UL rated with a nice aesthetic appearance and clean lines.

There is enough customer configurable space inside the unit to accommodate the most popular wireless boards available on the market today. With the included QwikClip™ and Ez-Snap stand-off kit PCB mounting systems, radio boards can be mounted without the need to drill any holes.

The bottom cover design allows for quick field disconnect of the CAT5 RJ45 connector so the antenna unit can be removed without disturbing the infrastructure cabling. The full, closed cell, EPDM internal gasket seals around the cables and helps to keep out dust and insects.

The unit has a facility for an external antenna connector which can be mounted in the bottom cover.
The cover has knockout patterns for SMA and N Type.

The corrosion resistant tilt bracket system accommodates pole or wall mounting.

The antenna connector is SMA Female.

NOTE : Pigtail sold separately.

Technical Specifications
Operating Frequency 5100-5900 Mhz
Gain 19 dBi
VSWR 1.5:1
Polarity Vertical
Azimuth Beamwidth 35°
Elevation Beamwidth 25°
Front to Back >20dB
Antenna Connector Type SMA Female
Elevation Tilt +/- 35°
Mounting Pole or Wall Mount
Pole Size 25mm to 54mm
Space for customer electronics 152mm x 140mm x 31.75mm
Outside Dimensions 314mm x 187mm x 65mm
Weight 0.9 kg (2 lbs )
Operating Temperature -30°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Package contents
1x EZ-Go-Panel5
1x L shaped Mounting bracket
1x U-Bolt kit
1x QwikClip™ kit
1x Bottom Cover
1x Self Adhesive Standoff 3M (kit includes 4pcs)




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