Passive PoE Injector D-Shaped [EZ-POEPA01]

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The EZ-POEPA01 is a low cost Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Injector to insert PoE power to a CAT5 Ethernet data cable on the unused Ethernet pins 4,5(+) and 7,8(-).
The new EZ-POEPA01 Passive PoE Injector is made of TPEE material in an aesthetic package and is available with one RJ45 plug to act as “Data-In”, one RJ45 port to act as “PoE+Data out” and one power supply jack.
The new EZ-POEPA01 indoor passive PoE Injector allows you to use your space efficiently when installing your wireless equipment through its small size and high manageabillity.
The unique EZ-POEPA01 has a power on indicator LED showing when DC power (12V to 48V) is being supplied to the inserter through the DC jack.

RJ45 Cat.5 Input / Output connector
Input / Output common ground
Power/Data mixer
Ethernet switches expand to Wireless AP
Cat5 rated RJ45 jack for more reliable high speed data connections (10/100MB)
Small size.

Wireless Access Points and Client Devices
IP Phone and Security Camera Systems

Input / Output Specifications :
DC Input Voltage 48V ± 5 %
DC Output Voltage 48V ± 5 %
Max Output Current 0.4A Max.
Over Current Protection Multi-Fuse Open
General Sepcifications:
Operating Temperature 0oC ~ +50oC
Storage Temperature -20oC ~ +70oC
Humidity Up to 90%
Weight 30gr
Dimensions 54x42.6x26mm
Input Pins SK1: Input Pins SK2:
1 Tx (+) Tx (+) 1
2 Tx (-) Tx (-) 2
3 Rx (+) Rx (+) 3
4 N.C. V+ 4
5 N.C. V+ 5
6 Rx (-) Rx (-) 6
7 N.C. GND 7
8 N.C. GND 8
Package contents
1x Passive PoE Injector in carton box




EZ POEPA01topEZ POEPA01rearSetWidth60-EZ-POAPA01FrontSetWidth60-EZ-POAPA01PCBSetWidth60-EZ-POAPA01Retail