Passive PoE Injector with LED cat5 Plug, cat5 Jack, cat5 cable [EZ-POE-LED]

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The EZ-POE-INJ are a series of low cost Power Over Ethernet (POE) Inserters to insert POE power to a CAT5 ethernet data cable on the unused ethernet pins 4,5(+) and 7,8(-).

The unique EZ-POE-LED has power on and current indicator LED’s.

  • The Power LED shows that DC power is being supplied to the inserter through the DC jack.
  • The Current LED shows that a POE device is plugged in at the end of the CAT5 ethernet cable up to 100m (330ft) away from the inserter.


  • Cat5 RJ45 Input connector
  • Cat5 RJ45 Output connector
  • PS Power LED Indicator
  • AP Power LED Indicator
  • Shrouded DC Jack for improoved safety.


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