2400-2485MHz 10dBi OMNI Pigtail Antenna [EZ-OM24V10PNM]

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2400-2485MHz 10dBi OMNI Antenna with Pigtail

The new e-zy.net OM24V10PNM OMNI Directional Antenna is made from sealed UV Stabilized Fiberglass with steel base and is available with a 35cm 400-type coaxial cable terminated to an N-Type Male Connector.

The gain of this antenna is 10dBi and comes with 10o of Vertical BeamWidth.

The antenna is supplied with steel mounting bracket and hardware for 25mm to 50mm diameter pole.

The OM24V10PNM is ideally suited for MultiPoint applications where wide coverage is desired.

Frequency 2400-2485MHz
Gain 10dBi
Polarization Vertical
Vertical BeamWidth 11°
Horizontal BeamWidth 360°
Impedance 50 Ohm
Max. Input Power 50 Watts
V.S.W.R. <1.5:1 avg.
Weight 1.1 Kgr
Length 1000mm
Diameter 19mm
Radome Material Grey Fiberglass
Mounting 25mm to 50mm
Rated Wind Velocity 58m/s
Connector N-Type Male with 310mm Pigtail
Package Contents:
1x OMNI Antenna in brown carton
1x Mounting Bracket


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